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About Our Company

The Orginal Disposable Bailer

The idea was simple: Save environmental engineers time and money while eliminating cross contamination, exposure to the solvents used in decontamination and the capital expense of buying reusable equipment by making a bailer you could use once and then throw it away.

That idea became the original disposable bailer introduced by Voss Technologies in 1988..

Used at more sites than any other bailer on the market.

While that original bailer has gone through several design improvements over the years, it is still basically the same device introduced in 1988. It is the device that has been used at more sites than any other bailer on the market.

Today, Voss Technologies is committed to finding, developing and marketing products that make the sample process easier while maintaining a high level of product quality at prices that keep the cost of a sampling event lower than any other method currently in use.