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In 1988, Voss Technologies created the original disposable bailer. You know the routine: drop it in, pull it out, drop it in, pull it out. We wanted to save environmental engineers time and money, so we created a disposable bailer that you can use once and then throw away.
While that original bailer has gone through several design improvements over the years, it is the same idea introduced in 1988. It is the bailer that is used at more sites than any other bailer currently on the market.

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Well water (groundwater) is water that is used for public supply, individual household use, irrigation, aquaculture and agriculture and mining, among other smaller things. Roughly 37% of the water used for county and city water departments to supply households and businesses is groundwater. Groundwater provides drinking water to approximately 90% of the rural population and 42% for irrigation in the United States.

Groundwater is exposed to a number of potential volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). For example, a gas station, construction site or farm that uses chemicals can allow volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) to seep into the ground and contaminate groundwater. Furthermore, sometimes wells are placed in sites that were once used to hold septic tanks or the like, and still house a number of different bacteria.

Voss Technologies manufactures products that take samples of groundwater from wells to test them for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). There is a large variety of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that are predominantly present in well water and can cause serious, even life threatening, illnesses and diseases. It is important to check your well water regularly, and in accordance with your state’s regulations.


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