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Welcome to Voss Technologies

Voss is committed to finding, developing and marketing products that make the sample process easier, while maintaining a high level of product quality at prices that keep the cost of a sampling event lower than any other method currently in use. We save environmental engineers time and money, while eliminating:

  • Cross-contamination
  • Exposure to the solvents used in decontamination
  • Capital expense of buying reusable equipment

Voss Technologies is a top manufacturer of environment sampling products. Voss Technologies manufactures the number one bailer used at more sites than any other bailer on the market! We are proud to offer:

  • Bailers
  • Ground Water Filters
  • VOC Samplers
  • Pressure Bailers
  • Coliwasas
  • An Advanced Bailer Retrieval System

How? Voss Technologies has developed a bailer that you use once and then throw away. Voss Technologies now makes a FREE PRODUCT BAILER. The free product bailer comes in 1.5”x36” non-weighted and weighted versions.

Featured Product

SingleSample® High Capacity,
Disposable Groundwater
Filter Capsule.

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