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The Voss SingleSample® Coliwasa.

 Drum sampling made easy.


The Voss SingleSample® Coliwasa is constructed entirely of inert HDPE to resist almost all chemicals and solvents. The positive displacement, rod controlled valve (shown outside of the device above) features a set of four clamping fingers to assist in holding the valve shut until you are ready to transfer your sample to a container for transport.

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Product Name Product Code Description Units/Case
Coliwasa CW-01 1.5" X 42" COLIWASA 12
Coliwasa CW-01 5' 1.5" X 60" COLIWASA 12
Coliwasa CW-01 6' 1.5" X 72" COLIWASA 12
Coliwasa CW-01 6.5 1.5" X 78" COLIWASA 12
Coliwasa CW-01 7' 1.5" X 84" COLIWASA 12