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Bailer Retrieval System

The Voss Bailer Retrieval System features a 7” reel with free-spin preventer that makes bailing and sampling faster and easier. The pre-wound, disposable twine eliminates cross-contamination. A Well Head Bracket is also available to support the reel and bailer while purging and during sample removal through the bottom valve.


SingleSample disposable Voss bailers eliminate filed cleaning and cross-contamination. Features include an improved top and stainless steel weight design so they fill and empty as fast, or faster, than any other bailer on the market, as well as our patented Dome Design top and bottom that facilitates well entry and removal.


The Voss SingleSample Coliwasa is constructed entirely of inert HDPE to resist almost all chemicals and solvents. The positive displacement, rod controlled valve features a set of four clamping fingers to assist in holding the valve shut until you are ready to transfer your sample to a container for transport.


The Voss SingleSample High Capacity, Disposable Groundwater Filter Capsule is designed specifically for field filtering groundwater samples for metal analysis with 1/8” NPT threaded inlet and outlets with stepped hose adapter on the inlet side, for in line filtering of pumped samples with up to 3/8 ID tubing.

Pressure Bailers

The Voss SingleSample pressurized disposable bailer system is designed to provide an easy method for filtering metal samples in the field. The pressurized bailer’s rugged HDPE construction permits use for both bailing and sampling wells while eliminating cross contamination and decon time.

VOC Samplers

The technique used to fill a VOA vial is at least as important a source of variance in VOC analysis, as is well purging protocol or sampler design. The more the sample stream is agitated or exposed to the air during the transfer of sample from the bailer to the vial, the lower the concentration detected in the vial will be. The greatest loss of VOC’s occurs when the sample is simply poured into the vial through the top of the bailer. Bottom emptying bailers with too rapid a flow also cause major losses. The Voss SingleSample VOC Removal Devices afford a superior method for getting the sample out of the bailer and into the vial without the loss of VOC’s.


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